News (last updated 09-Feb-2015)

Version 1.2.1 of Dubsar for Android has been released to Google Play and the Amazon App Store. Please see the home page for links to both.

Dubsar now tweets the word of the day on Twitter each day, with an app card and a deep link that takes you directly to the word of the day in the mobile app on your iOS or Google Play device (Android 3.0 or later). Follow @dubsar for updates.

Dubsar has moved to a new server and a new domain, dubsar.info. The old domain, dubsar-dictionary.com, will continue to function for a while, redirecting to the new domain. Eventually, dubsar-dictionary.com will be retired. Please update any bookmarks.

The main Dubsar website has been rewritten to be more mobile friendly. The old Dubsar mobile website has been retired. And there was much rejoicing.

The Dubsar website has a new feature that has been available in the iOS app since September: synset searching. You can now search for synsets whose glosses or sample sentences match your search text, rather than searching for matching words.

Sense views have been replaced with contextual synset views. Now you can see lexical content within a synset view by tapping any of the synonyms in the synset view.

Watch this space for information about continued changes to the application suite.